Welcome to Lynn's Gourmet Hot Sauce L.L.C.

Our Product

Lynn’s Gourmet Hot Sauce is  made fresh, with Natural Ingredients and ready-to-use. The flavor of our sauces comes from fresh Habanero peppers, lemon juice, salt and other natural spices that we utilize. This gourmet sauce is composed of a blend of different flavors - Flavors that harmonize the perfect balance of spice and heat without overpowering the taste of your food. Each of our flavors offers unique flavors, versatility, and savor for every meal! Start using it to day; use it in your food, your favorite recipe and to marinate your meat for the grill and any other occasions.

 It is so flavorful and tasty, our customers call it...“ A Feast of Flavors"! 

Our Promise 

We want you to enhance the flavor of your food by providing you with premium hot sauce flavors:  starting with Caribbean Delight or Premium Hot sauce which adds zest, spicy and flavor to every meal; Lynn's Gourmet Original hot sauce- bold, hot and flavorful; Lynn's Gourmet Fiery Hot – bold, hotter than hot, and flavorful; Lynn’s Gourmet Smoky Chipotle hot sauce – hot, smoky flavor and delicious. 

 Quality premium hot sauce is what we promise, once you taste any of our hot sauces, your meal will never be the same. Be careful, you might find yourself keep coming back online to order more of Lynn’s Gourmet Hot Sauce!
We are committed to provide you with the best customer service experience as possible to ensure you are happy with our services and best of ALL that you are totally satisfied with our products.